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The young people we serve range in age from 17 to 27 years old and can be referred to us through the homeless shelters, foster parents (current/prior), child welfare agencies, residential care facilities, advocacy groups, etc.  These young people have experienced trauma, most often through neglect or emotional, physical or sexual abuse. In addition, many have been exposed to substance abuse, domestic violence, extreme poverty and other concerns. As a result, many of our children and youth have specialized mental health, behavioral, medical and/or pregnancy and parenting needs. Through our services, we ensure their safety, assist them in creating a stable support system, and help them overcome trauma to lead healthy, happy, and prosperous lives.
In addition to working directly with young people, we provide intensive training on the impact of trauma to our staff, partners, and stakeholders, so that they are best equipped to support the young people we serve.


This is a paid internship program for young people who have been involved with the child welfare system. We match you with a business that meets your academic and professional interests, with specific support to help you get ahead.Rose leaf foundation will have an 8 week training program that will teach our clients not only the skills needed in the workplace to include: time management, professional etiquette, cpr/first aid, customer service, etc. Clients will be interviewed and tested to determine what their strengths are and how we can translate those to obtaining an optimal employment placement for them.  With the proper funding Rose Leaf Foundation will also financially support our clients with obtaining certifications that will secure employment that may include: ETips, Personal Training, Welding, Food Service/Chef certifications, CNA, Cisco IT certifications, etc. Following completion of the training, Rose Leaf foundation clients will continue to the next phase that allows young people to work for partnering businesses while also continuing to participate in special training by Rose Leaf. Participants will receive a bi-weekly stipend throughout their participation in this program. By the end of 16 weeks it is our hope that the intensive training and preparation with our clients will set them on a trajectory for success. Special considerations in regards to the length of the program will be given to those with extenuating circumstances and special learning needs.
With the support of our partners we make an effort to accommodate applicants from around the state.


Rose Leaf foundation will provide support services and other resources to assist youth ages 18-27 to live independently in the community while preparing for their transition to adulthood. The primary goals of this program are to promote well-being, social skills, financial stability, and self-sufficiency. Young people accepted into the program will be matched with a mentor and Independent Living Specialist who guides them through finding an apartment, planning for college/employment, setting budgets, saving for the future, and maintaining a home.


Through generous donations and financial support from outside entities Rose Leaf Foundation will have an onsite comfort closet. Any of our clients who find themselves in need may submit a request to use the closet once per month to gather personal hygiene products not limited to but include: female sanitary products, soap, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, etc

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